Lucid Illusions

Although I spend most of my time clicking pictures,
sometimes I write stuff too.

Shooting a Dancer

Last night did a real fun shoot with the very talented and gorgeous Leena Vie. We had discussed for a while about doing a shoot and I wanted to try out some work with long exposures and slow shutter speeds. While out with my friend’s last evening she (Leena) suddenly asked me if I would like to shoot some stuff of her performing at a private event, and I decided to do it. (Yes if it’s interesting am always ready to do a shoot.)

The only problem with shooting next to the DJ was, it was a tiny floor, with not enough space for her to dance let alone to do a shoot with my 35mm (Of course the lovely 35 is my walk around lens of choice.)

Leena Vie

On the other hand I have been planning to do a shoot using a projector on a model, and somehow here we had a basement with a projector and no crowd. I asked Leena to check it out, with brought down her laptop, gave the belly dancing music fill up the room and drown the dhikchik beat the house was dancing to. 

The pleasure of shooting an artist with no around, where you know the artist is performing just for them-self and just your camera is immense. There is no distraction and you both try to create magic interwoven with a love for each others art. 

We even shot a few videos that I need to sit, edit, and hopefully create something as beautiful as the experience from last night. 


- Lucid Illusions.